When it comes to Business and Social Media it is important that you understand what to share on your business pages.  In some cases these rules should be applied to your personal pages  especially if your audience or client base have access to view it. (Most likely they do)

It doesn’t matter how much you post on your pages just remember to be consistent and plan your content based on the rule of thirds. The rule of thirds is a methodology that is common used and know to the leaders in social media marketing.  This rule is that you share content evenly based on three types of content.


Social media content shared to promote your business and convert your audience to followers and consumers of your products.
Ex. A post from your blog that includes a call of action.
(This post is something that I will share with my audience).

Social media Content that shares the ideas or resources from leaders within your specific market or niche.
Ex. A post of a social share, retweet or from a website relevant to your market that you.
(For me I always share from Entrepreneur a website that has a multitude of information for small business owners and entrepreneurs-my audience.

Social Media Content that is based on getting your audience to engage in conversation and increases your businesses overall brand.
(For me I may ask what type of scheduling system for you use for your social media? Like I’m really asking you right now…post in comments.)
On my periscope today I shared with my Periscope Family what to share on social media. Please join me on periscope and get the heads up on Social Media Daily.

Three things you should not share on Social Media:

  1. Political Commentary
  2. Religious Based Commentary
  3. Personal Issues

**Exceptions-this type of content is directly related to your specific business.
Now we also talked about what not to share and why.  You’ll have to watch the video to see why I would recommend that you do not share these things.  But for now here’s the video.  Make sure you let me know your thoughts are here in the comments.

As a special gift to my mailing list and Get It Done University I created this nifty worksheet to brain storm what you will share on social media.



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