Today is the first day of the third quarter of the year. It’ time to put it in high gear and finish off the year strong and prepared for 2017.  Don’t wait till December 31st to start looking at your Business Goals and New Year Planning.  Now is the time to look at every aspect of your business and decide how you can improve your bottom line and what steps it will take.

In order to assist you I decided to dedicate my time in October sharing everyday Social Media trends that will help you take your business online for real.  It’s time to stop posting just for the sake of posting.  It’s time to understand what you’re doing and why you’re doing it.  It’s also time to stop doing a few things too.

Today I want to share a story about a friend of mine who was struggling to meet a time sensitive business goal.  I felt the pain,  I once belonged to a direct sales company and when they say their going to cut you off they mean it.  Believe it and act quickly.

So, I made a few suggestions of ways she may be able to reach her goals through thinking about what she is posting, the time of the year and the wording.  Without much more details, within 24 hours she met her goals and is on her way to thinking about Social Media in a whole new light.  People want what you have… you just need to tell them in a way that they can act without hesitation.

Don’t be afraid to share your products and services.  Share your greatness unapologetically with your audience.  No matter what your selling there is alway someone that wants what you have.  

Remember that and act accordingly.

Today’s Tip:

Challenge Your Assumptions.


“The first step is the most important, since it may even help you redefine your target audience. Don’t assume anything. Let’s say you’ve decided your target market is middle-aged women. Why? You may have gone even further, assuming certain styles or directions of messaging appeal to them.

But don’t take any of this for granted. Unless you have more than anecdotal evidence backing up your claim, ditch it”.

Source: Entrepreneurs


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