Social Media is meant to be social.   I discussed how to build relationships on social media in a earlier post.  One step was that you must engage with people. This is going to be a crucial factor in whether your social media marketing works or not. Understand that the main goal of social media is to connect people with each other. A connection according to webster dictionary is a relationship in which a person, thing, or idea is linked or associated with something else. If you want to build a relationship you are going to have to engage with them.

Just think about being at a live networking event. Perhaps you meet me and I want to share my business with you. Would you want me to walk up and say: Hello my name is Richetta Blackmon I help Entrepreneurs with their Social Media Strategy, here is my card. Call me so we can discuss yours?

Wait What?


What just happened is not a connection….what just happened was a real life SPAM conference. I don’t know about you but I detest unsolicited offers. First off, I don’t know you and second off did I ask you for your services? It may sound harsh but it is the mindset of most people. No one wants to hear a walking commercial. We get sold to every single day without permission. Let a person get to know you first or let them show interest in your offer. At least ask them how was your day.

Look at your social media posts. Do you ever just say good morning? Do you ever share a inspirational post to help uplift someone’s day? Or do you repeatedly post BUY MY STUFF?

You could just share who you are authentically and attract a connection that will build a relationship. Remember people buy from people who they Know, Like and Trust.

Engagement means that you also reciprocate connections being made with you. You never know who will become a client or customer.

If you need some actionable ways to engage on social media download my 21 Ways to Increase Engagement on Social Media.