Today is the first day of August and you have an opportunity to upgrade your Social Media in a big way. Here is six things you can do to get started!

Update Your Social Media Profiles
The first thing you need to do is go to all of your Social Media profiles and decide do they reflect what it is you have to offer.  Are there things that need to be deleted?  Do you need to add more information to make it easier for people to find and buy from you?

Listen to Your Audience
Start listening to your audience. Listen to what your target audience has to say.  If you know what your target audience is saying, you can better serve them.  Find out what hashtags they use and do a little positive trolling.  When you know your target audience wants (pleasure) and needs (pain) you can better serve them.

Watch your Competitors 
Next, it is time to watch the competitor’s and leaders in your specific industry.  When I say watch I mean watch how they use Social Media.  Remember you have similar audiences and you can see what works and what doesn’t work on Social Media.  It will make or break your business if you don’t know how to compete on Social Media.

Recycled Content
Content is King right…. well recycled content is Queen.  Do you realize that if you Blog consistently or go live on periscope or Facebook then your Social Media Content is Queen.  The same content that you post on your blog or discuss live is the same content that you can use on your different Social Media Platforms.  This post is a great example…. Here’s where this content came from Upgrade Social Today.

Have a Social Media Strategy
Just like you have a business plan as a business owner.  You must have a social media strategy if you use Social Media for business.  Your social media strategy will guide you in your day to day marketing online.  Using a marketing plan that includes how you will market your business online is key to upgrading your social media.

Have a Social Media Budget
If you are really in business, then you must have a budget on what you will spend on a weekly, monthly and yearly basis.  What will you spend on your Social Media? If you don’t know then you must really take a step back and figure out a social media budget or you will spend to no end without a purpose.

How can Virtually Splendid help you? I have four ways we can help you UPGRADE SOCIAL MEDIA TODAY!

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