Eyeballs bleeding from staring at the same ‘ole cookie-cutter, DIY website templates?

Planning to scream the next time you see a social media graphic that looks just like yours?

Want graphics and a website that reflect your distinct, high-class awesomeness?

I’m Richetta Blackmon, visual brand strategist, coffee enthusiast, digital geek, and lover of all things grand.

You can count on me to create an intriguing brand presence that amplifies your uniqueness through sophisticated colors, style elements and all that good stuff that sets you apart from the everyday blah, blah, blah of the digital world.

  • Social Media Management
  • Graphic Design
  • Bling Boss
  • Brand Development
  • Website Design

Now, as a high-performing entrepreneur, you’ve mastered this whole “get-it-done” biz thing. But we both know you have spent enough valuable time playing with Canva, Word Swag, and Picmonkey.

You’re in BEAST mode and ready to get all these monkeys off your back so you can operate solely in your zone of greatness.



And that’s exactly what I’m here to help you do.

You’re bold.

You’re a goal-getting servant to your clients.

And you’re a freakin’ genius.

The only problem is, your brand doesn’t reflect all of your awesomeness…at least not right now.

But have no fear because that’s exactly what we’re here to fix. You can count on Virtually Splendid to display your greatness in a way that showcases the real YOU and places your stamp on the world.

Now, before you think we’re just another website development agency, please know this:

We don’t build websites…we build brands.  From social media management, graphic design, brand development and website design; we’ve got you covered.


Here’s a quick rundown of our services:

Services Just for You

Branded Grams Social Media Graphics

Tired of stressing over your social media graphics? With Branded Grams, you’ll discover the inside scoop on how to transform your content into eyeball-grabbing graphics with one click of a button.  Branded Grams is the ultimate system where you come up with your content, and we create the graphics for you on a weekly basis. So you spend less time playing around in Canva, PicMonkey or Wordswag and more time making money.

Click below to get a sprinkle of this branded magic.

Seamless Social Media Management

Step inside the wonderful world of delegation. It’s truly an incredible place once you get the hang of knowing how to hire the right people. And the “right people” is exactly what you get inside this done-for-you service.

With Seamless Social Media Management, you’ll simply submit your awesome content, and sit back while we create authentic branded images and schedule them for automated posting.

Check out all of our options.

Brand Your Brilliance Brand Makeover

Everyone says build your brand, find your target audience, make sure your logo is right, and get a website. But nobody is telling you how to do all that.

The truth is: it took me years to understand what a cohesive brand should look and feel like. You know why we’re loyal to and trust some brands over others. But many entrepreneurs fall short in implementing those same “brand love” principles in their businesses.

Once I’m done with you … you’ll have the confidence and swag to step out into the Internet highway with a core message, distinctive website and branded images that will have folks running – nope, racing – to work with you.

 Now, whether you have an existing website or starting from scratch, I’m here to build your distinctively bold and recognizable brand.

Call on me for:

  • Bold graphics for social media, web content, and all things fabulous
  • Social media management that will flood the Internet with your superpowers
  • Uniquely branded website designs that many have tried to duplicate yet have failed miserably

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As a high performing entrepreneur, I know you’re always sitting on ready, so ain’t nothing to it, but to do it. The brand of your dreams is waiting for you!

Satisfied Clients

I wanted a great way to communicate and connect with current and potential clients using social media! Richetta provided just that! By allowing me to focus on time with clients, she is managing, posting and scheduling social media on my behalf so I’m consistently present. She is gifted at bringing my post to life which results in engagement and clients! Hire her if you are inconsistent with social media or need a branded look to attract the clients that can afford to pay you!

Quinn Conyers

Business Pitch & Public Speaking Coach for Entrepreneurs!

Hiring Richetta for my graphics has made my life so much easier. She makes my graphics eye-catching and they grab the attention of my clients.  My coaching program has expanded just because of my graphics and content!

If you are looking to hire a true graphics designer, look no further than Richetta! She will have you, your products and your business looking fabulous and collecting the coins!

Sandara Williams

Spiritual Life Coach

Virtually Splendid services are superb and second to none! My business traffic and sales have increased by leaps and bounds since connecting with Richetta. What a lifesaver she has been… Always reliable, consistent, and professional. A true branding expert… I’m so happy to have connected with her!

Rynette Upson Bush

CEO, Next Level Chicks

Have you ever been to a website and was drawn in by the colors and graphics? Well I have and that’s what I wanted for my own website. I wanted to attract people by warm and welcoming visuals.

She far exceeded my expectations. She took time and care to create something better than even I described. I love and appreciate her immensely!!

Tiffany Shepherd

Accountability Coach

Richetta can always be counted on to bring your ideas to life. She captures the spirit of my brand like no one I’ve ever worked with before. She is very detailed and won’t send over any work until she’s completely sure she’s outdone herself. I’m spoiled by her attention to detail. You can’t be taken seriously when you have bad graphics. Richetta will help your brand look professionally amazing.

Sophia Antoine

Life Coach

Virtually Splendid has changed my life and business. Delegating has allowed me to focus more on income producing activities and serving my clients and the time to create more valued content for my audience.

I have referred Richetta and her company Virtually Splendid to others and will do it in a heartbeat. Great doing business with her.

LaKeisha Hankins

Passion Strategist For Women

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