It’s June and it’s time to Bloom in your business.  Over the years I have found correlations that have been directly linked to my successes and to my blunders.   Anytime I deviate from these 10 principles I see a decline in my momentum and in my business.
Here are my top 10 ways to keep my business out the red.

Start with Why
As a business owner, we all have reasons as to why we started and why we keep going.  My biggest why is to serve entrepreneurs in a way that takes their overall business to the next level.  If I’m not doing that consistently then I feel it in my pockets and in my heart.

Stay Focused
Being laser focused on your business goals is perhaps the best way to accomplish them. Of course, you have to do the work.  However in order to do the work you have to be focused at all time. Distractions will come, recognize them and get back on track.

Create SMART Goals with a Plan
SMART Goals, I know you have heard that phrase time and time again but having goals that are specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time-bound will help you with planning.  Planning should be done on a consistent basis. Annually, Quarterly and Monthly plans will help you stay focused on your goals.

Implement Systems and Tools for your Plan
The next thing do is implement your plans.  In order to put your plans in action, you have to be clear on what you will need. Are there any systems, tools, resources or even people that you need in order to implement.

Execute on your Plan
Now that you have your plan and the assets that you need to reach your goals, it’s time to execute.  Follow your plan to the end.

Reflect and make the hard decisions
Reflection is something that we tend to overlook.  You should always reflect. When making your monthly plans I suggest that you take time to reflect on what went well and what are some opportunities that you missed. This is the time where you make the hard decisions.  Decide if you need to change something or add something to the mix. There is no shame in throwing it away if it’s not working or if it’s not exactly what you wanted. That’s the magic of running your own business. You get to choose.

Be the authority in your Industry
Being the authority does not mean that you know everything but it means that you’re always looking to learn more within your industry.  Whatever industry you’re in you should plan to get training throughout the year. No matter what industry, there is always something new to learn that will help you serve your audience. They look to you so be prepared.

Invest in what makes Sense
Sometimes we have become hoarders of resources.  What does that mean? We continue to invest in resources, programs, coaching, and tools and we haven’t used half of what we already have. So before you purchase one more thing look at what you already have.  Have you used what you already have? Make sure that you are investing in things that make sense and will directly help you reach your goals.

Believe in yourself
Believing in yourself starts with building yourself up.  If you do the above things you will have confidence in what you are producing in your business. Your belief system is directly related to your preparation.

Visualize Everything
Visualizing your success daily will help you focus on your goals and your plan. Having a business vision board or even a poster or image of what your success will look like will keep your goals at the top of your priority list.

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