Project Management can make or break you in any business.  If you don’t have a system and process in place it will show up in your work performance. Your process should not be on a post-it note or a piece of paper.  Don’t get me wrong at least that’s a start.

However using a project management system will help you create workflows, task lists, and accountability that you can share with team members and clients/customers.

I have used various project management tools for different projects including home management.  I would love for you to check them out and see which one can help you get to the next level in your business.  Trust me your clients/customers, team and sanity will love you for it.

Trello is a visual project management system where you can assign and track task. The thing that I love about Trello is that you can add images to tasks and it reminds me of all the post it notes scattered about but in order.  You can move things around as you wish. It is based on the Kaban system of managing tasks. If you are a Post It note kind of person and want to at least get started with project workflows Trello is a great place to start. The free version goes a long way.

Redbooth is very similar to Trello it starts out in a Kaban style flow but also has a task list, visual timelines and a huge amount of integration available. The free version will get you started but to really maximizes teams upgrade whenever you’re ready.

Asana is for the person who loves to make list.  Asana has many features including the ability to see all of your upcoming tasks on a calendar.  You can also use asana if you work closely with clients. Instead of going back in forth in emails you can have a central hub for all documents, conversations and even share images. The free version works well if you’re just working with clients.  The paid version is the best route when working with clients and a team

Airtable is like Trello and Asana on steroids.  The thing I love about Airtable is that it comes with so many templates that you can edit to make your own.  This is especially resourceful for individuals who have never used project management. For almost anything you do in business and life, there’s a template that can get you started. I just started using air tables so if you have worked with me in Asana heads up we might be headed over to airtable.

Now just to give you a little overview of price comparison see the chart below.  As you can see all are affordable and when I curated this list I had you in mind.  Start with a free version check it out, compare and contrast and make the best decision for your business.