Being in Business can be a conundrum of valleys and peaks.  Never get discouraged, just focus on the things that you can do to create your own opportunities. 

Creating your own opportunities starts with four key Branding Elements.  As you will see I have not mentioned graphics, colors or websites. I’m talking about the stuff that you can feel in your Brand.


Your messaging has to be in line with your overall brand.  Are you putting out content that will attract the people that you want to work with? Have you got a lot of questions that seem to be unrelated to what you do?

If you answered yes then you may want to look at your last 10 pieces of content via social media, emails or blog posts.  Somehow you’re hitting the wrong target and that just won’t do. Work on narrowing down you Brand Message and crafting content that will speak for that message.


Visibility is key as you build your brand.  Are you hanging out where your ideal customer/client hangs out online?  Do you know where they’re at? If not it’s time to be strategic about getting in the spaces where your potential clients will be.

In order to visible, you must be easy to find. Don’t make them work to find your greatness.  The average person will not take the extra effort to try and find your landing page that’s sitting out in no man’s land.  Make sure all links on your social media and websites work. Every now and then comb through both and make sure the tech devils didn’t snatch them away.


Systems make everything work.  Think about your body every system serves a purpose that collectively keeps your body going.  When one system doesn’t work properly the whole body will be affected.

Create a system for everything that you do in your business.  This will save you time and money. Time wasted is money unearned.  I also suggest using some form of a digital project management system. Using a digital project management system will allow you to interact with clients and a team.  Check out 4 Project Management Systems for Business and get started.


Do you have the support that will help you build your brand? Building a brand all alone is not fun.  No matter where your at in your business make sure that you find a tribe of people willing to partner with you to help with getting the word out about your brand.

This type of support must be a two-way street make sure your partner with individuals that you are equally willing to get the word out about them.

Free  Support:  (Make sure that the platform is active and that the host is easily accessible)

  • Join a Blogging Group
  • Join a Periscope Group
  • Join a free Mastermind Group
  • Join teles-summits when available
  • Attend networking events locally

Paid Support:  

  • Join a paid Mastermind tribe
  • Join a niche specific membership
  • Join a business membership
  • Join a group coaching group
  • Attend paid events for Entrepreneurs
  • Attend niche specific events- great for creating partnerships