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Building a BRAND has never been so fun.

How Virtually Splendid can help!

Social Media Bundles

It’s time to Boss Your Brand with a New Attitude! Social Media Headers and Templates that match like your shoes and Purse! Let people know it’s you at first glance! Brand U! Your Brand Deserves it!  

Branded Grams

Transform your content into Graphics with the click of a button! You Can!  Branded Grams is a system, where you come up with your Content and we create the graphics then they are delivered to you weekly!

Social Media Management

It’s time to just hand it over.  You got your graphics and your Fancy Huh? Well being Fancy takes work! So let Virtually Splendid post it for you. You can sit back and talk to your peeps versus posting, tagging and wondering.

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Engagement is a Two -Way Street.

Social Media is meant to be social.   I discussed how to build relationships on social media in a earlier post.  One step was that you must engage with people. This is going to be a crucial factor in whether your social media marketing works or not. Understand that...

Finding the Right Social Media Platforms for Entrepreneurs

There are many Social Media Platforms that you can use for your business.  The issue is which ones should you use and why.   There are many criterias to use when choosing a platform here's four questions to answer: Who's your target audience and where are they online?...

Building Relationships using Social Media

Social Media is one of the fastest growing industries.  The power of social media has changed the way we live and is every changing.  According to a report by “in 2015 78% of U.S. Americans had a social media profile”.  “In addition to that, the...

Introduction to Social Media Trends

Today is the first day of the third quarter of the year. It’ time to put it in high gear and finish off the year strong and prepared for 2017.  Don’t wait till December 31st to start looking at your Business Goals and New Year Planning.  Now is the time to look at...

6 Ways to Upgrade Your Social Media

Today is the first day of August and you have an opportunity to upgrade your Social Media in a big way. Here is six things you can do to get started! Update Your Social Media Profiles The first thing you need to do is go to all of your Social Media profiles and decide...

Social Media- Three things to Share.

When it comes to Business and Social Media it is important that you understand what to share on your business pages.  In some cases these rules should be applied to your personal pages  especially if your audience or client base have access to view it. (Most likely...

What is a Virtual Assistant? 5 reasons to Hire a Virtual Assistant.

The need for hiring a Virtual Assistant is growing  rapidly as online Entrepreneurship grows.  Creative Entrepreneurs specifically have a unique need for hiring a Virtual Assistant. In many cases Creative Entrepreneurs spend (or should be spending) the majority of...

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